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Capital Stories is a podcast from Capital Church where we discover the intersections of life and faith in each others’ stories as we hear from real people and explore real issues. We hope to inspire and encourage you in your personal journey with Jesus.  

A Walk in the Garden
In a recent trip to Eswatini, Tara Ross and Becky Zani, interviewed William to learn more about how discipleship and stewarding the land as a God-given resource has changed lives. In this bonus...
Up From the Grave
Lizzy Munson has faced her share of challenges—drug addiction, death of loved ones, and homelessness. Even through unbearable struggles, God found his way into Lizzy’s life, and continues to...
On Being the Boss
Through the Daily Discipleship series, Capital Church’s staff members are considering how our faith intersects with everyday life. In McKenzie Schreck’s role as Executive Pastor, she supervises...
Exalt His Name Together
Through the Daily Discipleship series, Capital Church’s staff members are considering how our faith intersects with everyday life. When it comes to marriage, Eric Dowd and Suzanne Champ, who each...
To Ukraine and Back
At the onset of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, many of us felt urged to help or support in our own way. For our guest today, that meant actually going to Ukraine and supporting the ground...
Discipleship in Real Life
There’s a difference between becoming a Christian convert and being a Christian disciple. Life with Jesus is daily! Sometimes we think of discipleship as what we do by attending a church service...
Revisiting Advent Conspiracy
Listen in (again!) on a conversation with Greg Holder, author of Never Settle, The Genius of One, and a contributing writer for The Voice bible. He serves as lead pastor at The Crossing...
Circles Salt Lake
Circles Salt Lake is a local chapter of a national initiative, whose mission is to build circles of support around people as they transition out of poverty...
Thank You for Your Service
In honor of Veteran’s Day, we hear from Nikolai Wedekind, a combat veteran who’s served multiple deployments with the Utah Army National Guard. As a fighter helicopter pilot...

Have a story to share? We’d love to hear it.
If you would like to share your story of what God is doing in your life, how God is using you or someone you know to impact others or a story of how you’ve seen the love of Jesus leave an imprint on the community around you, please fill out the form below and give us a brief description of the highlights of your story and we’ll reach out for more details. Thanks again for journeying with us and sharing your story!


    Whether written and read or told and heard, storytellers find the words and ask the questions to get the the heart of a story’s matter.


    Kelly serves as Associate Pastor with oversight of pastoral care and several ministries. Additionally, she manages various administrative and pastoral responsibilities for our Lead Pastor. Prior to moving to Utah, Kelly has experience as a missionary in the Middle East, as an Executive Assistant to two Assemblies of God Network Pastors, and as the founding Lead Pastor of Eastside Community Church near Columbus, Ohio. A published author, Kelly is passionate about helping people discover their God-given potential. Kelly shares three precious children with her husband Greg.

    Three fun facts: Coming Soon…

    Eric B

    Eric serves as a host/producer of the Capital Stories podcast in his role overseeing Communications at Capital Church. At Capital, he’s also passionate about helping people feel welcome, invited, and at home in Capital’s community. Eric spent a few years of his early career in Higher Education helping graduates find their place in the world, and encouraging folks to discover their potential. Originally from Nebraska, Eric loves game nights, camping, and Panda Express.

    Three fun facts: Eric is near the half-way point in his lifetime goal of visiting each of the U.S. National Parks; has a favorite mammal (the Malayan tapir) and desert plant (the ocotillo); and despite adamant denials to his wife, is probably actually a cat person.


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