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Capital Stories is a podcast from Capital Church where we discover the intersections of life and faith in each others’ stories as we hear from real people and explore real issues. We hope to inspire and encourage you in your personal journey with Jesus.  

Episode 31
We’re well aware of the mental health crisis faced by teens and young adults—nation-wide & right here in Utah. Tune in to this conversation with Katie Thomas, a licensed mental health practitioner...
Life Together
Life is meant to be lived in community, and friendship is an important part of discipleship to Jesus. We need people to encourage us, hold us accountable, and remind us of the truth in our faith...
Fake News?
The news and media environment has become a tricky one to navigate. Listen in as Tara & Eric wade through the topic with Becky Zani, an award-winning journalist with decades in the industry and who...
Uniquely Equipped
Ken Bohney is passionate about helping people discover their spiritual gifts, and equipping them to live them out in their daily lives. God uniquely wired you with abilities, and—like any other...
Worthy and Wanted
Jonathan Tran was born out of prostitution and abandoned by his mother before he was a teenager. Despite the heartbreaking challenges of his upbringing, God found Jonathan and continues to lead him...
Finding Purpose in Prison
Denise Druce has dedicated the better part of her life to helping incarcerated women rediscover the purpose God has for their life. Though the prison system in the U.S. has its flaws, and there can...
Two Become (And Stay) One
Listen in on a real, hopeful, and faith-filled conversation with Nicole Vobora & Ed Peterson, two marriage counselors who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to helping couples thrive in their...
Live by Faith, Not by Sight
In 2013, Ned Lindholm’s life was upended after a chemical explosion left him severely wounded and legally blind. Almost ten years later, as the world collectively experiences an ongoing trauma from..
Let the Earth be Glad
In celebration of Earth Day, we talk to Eric Schoening, an atmospheric scientist with the National Weather Service and dig into his thoughts on conservation and stewardship of this planet as both a...

Have a story to share? We’d love to hear it.
If you would like to share your story of what God is doing in your life, how God is using you or someone you know to impact others or a story of how you’ve seen the love of Jesus leave an imprint on the community around you, please fill out the form below and give us a brief description of the highlights of your story and we’ll reach out for more details. Thanks again for journeying with us and sharing your story!


    Whether written and read or told and heard, storytellers find the words and ask the questions to get the the heart of a story’s matter.

    Tara R

    Tara leads the Capital Cares ministry, the local & global outreach and compassion arms of Capital Church. She recently completed her Master’s in Theology and also speaks periodically at Capital’s weekend services. Tara considers herself an unofficial member of the Welcome Team and is ever-so-excited about being able to hug as many people as possible again. Originally from Massachusetts, Tara can turn on her Boston accent on demand and says that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee will always taste like home. She has been married for fifteen years to her husband Greg; they have two children and two punchy poodles.

    Three fun facts: Tara was a member of the high-school national championship cheer-leading team (1996), still watches The Golden Girls, and reads the last page of a book first.

    Eric B

    Eric serves as a host/producer of the Capital Stories podcast in his role overseeing Communications at Capital Church. At Capital, he’s also passionate about helping people feel welcome, invited, and at home in Capital’s community. Eric spent a few years of his early career in Higher Education helping graduates find their place in the world, and encouraging folks to discover their potential. Originally from Nebraska, Eric loves game nights, camping, and Panda Express.

    Three fun facts: Eric is near the half-way point in his lifetime goal of visiting each of the U.S. National Parks; has a favorite mammal (the Malayan tapir) and desert plant (the ocotillo); and despite adamant denials to his wife, is probably actually a cat person.


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