Let the Earth be Glad

In celebration of Earth Day, we talk to Eric Schoening, an atmospheric scientist with the National Weather Service and dig into his thoughts on conservation and stewardship of this planet as both a...


In celebration of Earth Day, we talk to Eric Schoening, an atmospheric scientist with the National Weather Service and dig into his thoughts on conservation and stewardship of this planet as both a scientist and disciple of Jesus. As Eric says, “I choose to focus on celebrating the positive outcomes if we choose to act – leaving a healthy planet for future generations, preserving the beauty of God’s creation for those that come after us, thinking about conservation as an act of love, love for plants and animals and our fellow humans and in the format of a thank you note to God for creating this amazing place.” Join us for a faith-formed perspective on why and how we should and can take care of our earth.

Tara R
Eric B

Episode Guest: Eric Schoening

Episode Host: Tara Ross & Eric Bloomquist


Information about the West’s severe drought.

Highly rated environmental nonprofits.

Significance of the Great Salt Lake.

The Year the Earth Changed” – Positive environmental impact from the pandemic

Buy Nothing Project

Genesis 1:28

Conservation Garden Park– Learn about landscapes suited for Utah’s unique climate that are not only beautiful and easier to maintain, but are also designed to efficiently use water.

Utah Division of Water Resources Weekly Lawn Watering Guide, or like them on Facebook

Utah State University Extension– Tons of resources on what to plant and how to support your plants in Utah, from trees to gardens and more

Basic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Tips

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